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Upgrade your Real Estate Experience

And save thousands in commissions.*

Upgrade your Real Estate Experience

And save thousands in commissions.*

Our Story

We’re a small brokerage team with big ambition.

Leaving well paying, fairly cushy, corporate jobs with fantastic benefits is probably not something most people do willingly.  Packing your life into a sixteen foot shipping container, saying “goodbye” to friends and family, and growing roots in a community you’ve never stepped foot in typically doesn’t make the agenda.  But when we bought our house in Indian Harbour Beach Florida, sight unseen, that’s exactly what we did.

Now, with the bitter climate of Western New York behind us, we are focused on improving the quality of life for our customers with every real estate transaction managed.

We believe there's a significant value gap in the real estate industry between the customer and brokerage.

Our Challenge

There’s a disconnect between real estate professionals and their customers.

We’ve experienced this first hand from both sides of the table.  As a consumer, we believed the “myth” that real estate agents “make too much money” for “doing nothing“.  And of course it’s “so easy” to sell houses that “anyone can do it“.

This kind of thought process brought us to market our properties by owner when we relocated.  In hindsight, it was a mistake that cost us time, a lot of money, and created additional stress when we were already overwhelmed with life changes.  But at least we learned and carried the experience and perspective with us to our brokerage.

From the professional side, when first licensed, one could only imagine our dismay after realizing there’s no such thing as the real estate fairy.  We were expecting her to deliver us suitcases full of money every night as we slept.  After all, this was supposed to be the easiest job in the world, right?

It’s amazing how wrong we were.


A veteran, with over thirty years in the industry, once told us there’s “no loyalty” in real estate.  We’ve experienced this as well as other “myths” about buyers and sellers.  Sellers, of course, “know everything” and “never listen“.   And “clueless” buyers have “no respect” for your time.

There is a gap, and while we feel the majority of the problem is based on perception, the myths do hold some truth.

From the customer’s perspective, it costs too much to sell their home.  They are right.  Coastal real estate is valuable and the commissions associated with selling beachside property have not scaled appropriately over time.

From the broker’s perspective, we feel undervalued.  Its our imperative to be transparent, educate our customers, and verify understanding of the process and effort surrounding real estate transactions.

We're here to challenge the status quo and lower the cost of transacting beachside property.

Let us show you the value we add.

Our mission is to drastically reduce the cost of transacting coastal real estate by empowering our customers and adding maximum value to every transaction.

Our Philosophy

Empower the Customer

We want our customers to be local market experts with deep understanding of the real estate process.  Educating, training, and providing access to tools and data allows our clients to become a smarter consumer with a competitive advantage.  Who knows, maybe someday they’ll even join our team.

Real Estate is Personal

We listen intently and connect with our customers to understand their motivations.  Every transaction is the most important and our job is to foster a relationship of trust to ensure open communication throughout the process.

Do What's Right

Fair, honest, and hard work is how we earn a living.  Our moral compass only points to our customer’s best interests.

Respect is Respected

Respect is a two-way street which we always navigate with care and diligence.  Our reputation for how we serve our clients is our greatest asset.

Get more than you pay for.

Our Approach

Don’t worry, we have your back.

Establishing a trusted partnership with our customers is fundamental for shared success.

  • Fit Assessment

    Customers have different motivations and requirements.  A fit assessment allows us to connect with potential clients and ensure we are all on the same page.  We want whats best for our customers and aim to set realistic expectations.

  • Education

    Empowering customers is our core competency, and nothing is more important than knowledge in the real estate industry.  Educating our customers on processes, costs, and local market conditions is our priority.

  • One Team

    We leverage individual strengths within a team environment to deliver maximum value.  We all have roles, communicate, and follow through.

  • Shared Success

    When our customers win, we all win together.