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Premium Service, 1.5% Listing Fee

Sell with us and save.  Pay as low as 3% total commission.*

Premium Service, 1.5% Listing Fee

Sell with us and save.  Pay as low as 3% total commission.*

Real Estate Commission

Understanding how agents earn a living.

When a seller lists their property with a brokerage they typically enter into a contract known as a listing agreement.  A listing agreement, in addition to other guidelines, outlines the broker’s compensation structure.  These commissions are paid by the seller at closing.

There are two sides to every transaction.  The listing agent, who markets the property, and the selling agent, who facilitates the sale.  In a legacy brokerage, the commission is usually 5-6% and split between the listing agent and the selling agent.

It’s legally possible in the state of Florida for an agent to work with both the buyer and the seller in a transaction.

In this situation, the agent captures “both sides” of the sale and would collect the entire commission offered by the seller.

Legacy Brokerage

The buyer does not pay real estate commissions.

How We Save You Money

Our listing fee is only 1.5%* reducing total seller commissions to 4.5%


The selling agent receives a “full” 3% commission and maximum incentive to close the deal.

In addition, we reduce our commission further while managing the transaction for both parties.

If we “bring a buyer” our total seller commission is 3%.*

Why do we do this?

We want everyone to win.

How Everyone Wins

We reduce our total commission to 3% when handling both sides of the transaction.*

  • Sellers win by saving money.

  • Buyers win with a more competitive offer.

  • We win by earning more commission.

Both Sides

Commission Disclaimers*

Our “fine print” in legible text.

Listing commission is subject to change.  Our listing fee is 1.5% with a minimum commission of $4500 excluding selling (buyer’s) agent commissions.  Selling (buyer’s) agent commissions are negotiable, however, we strongly encourage sellers to offer a “full” 3% commission.  Total seller commission shall be 3% with a minimum of $9000 while facilitating the sale for both the buyer and seller.  Listing fee shall be 2.5% with a $7500 minimum if the buyer is unrepresented.  Contact us for clarification or questions.

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