Thinking about selling your house?

Here are a few tips before you list your property for sale.

Price it right…

Pricing your home is the first and most important step!  The most common mistake people make when trying to sell their home is asking too much for their property.  The average buyer will research hundreds of properties online and schedule several showings before making an offer.

Your home needs to be competitively priced if you want it to sell.

Competition is fierce so put on your game face!  Buyers will be comparing your home to others on the market.  The price of your home is based primarily on the real estate market (supply), the pool of potential buyers (demand), condition and location (value), and interest rates .  More buyers will be interested in looking at your home if they think its fairly priced.  You will get the highest price for your home in the shortest amount of time if it is priced right from the start.

Need help determining what your home is worth?

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Get a second opinion…

Brokers and real estate agents want to earn your business.  Use this to your advantage and shop around!  Get a second (or third) opinion on what your property is worth.  Ask how your home would be marketed and who the potential buyers might be.

Everything is negotiable!

Ask questions about the process and get a feel for who you might be working with.  This is your chance to interview your future Realtor so make it count!

Let us earn your trust.

We are full of opinions.

Do your homework…

There are excellent resources available for you to get an idea of what your home is worth.  If you haven’t heard of Zillow by now, you probably haven’t been interested in buy or selling real estate.  Websites like Zillow and Trulia (which are now the same company) use complicated algorithms to determine or predict the value of your property.  Some estimates are very accurate, and others are not even close.  These websites aggregate property listing information and resources from all over the Internet, such as sales data, tax information, schools, and more.  The accuracy of the data is fairly good, however, it is worth the time to verify with the local source.

Real Estate is localized.  Speak with local experts.

You don’t have to commit to anything with a real estate agent and it’s worth taking the time to ask questions.

We won’t bite.

Have an action plan…

Selling your home can be extremely stressful.  A great way to prevent headaches and ensure a smooth sale is through proper planning.  A well developed action plan should focus on preparation, marketing, include timelines, key dates, milestones, and help keep you organized and on track during the selling process.

Plan your sale and sell your plan.

Putting in the time upfront before listing your property on the market will pay dividends.  Once your plan is in place, all that’s left is execution.

We can help you with your planning.

Use the mls…

Here is a statistic you should pay attention to when selling your property.

In 2013 88% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker.

This trend has been steadily increasing from 69% in 2001.  The multiple listing service (MLS) database is the source of information that real estate agents use to connect buyers with suitable property.

Placing your home into the MLS database is the fastest and easiest way to ensure your property has maximum reach.  Since MLS data is aggregated all over the Internet, your listing will automatically show up on Zillow, Trulia,, and several other major websites.

List in the MLS to make sure your property is getting the most amount of exposure.

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