Beach house remodel master bath

We are well underway with this beach house demo and remodeling project.  I know in my last post I only talked about the kitchen remodel.  The plan changed a little due to an unexpected plumbing issue we discovered in our retro pink master bathroom.


The retro pink tiled bathroom


The other day I was washing my face and turned off the faucet only to hear…drip, drip, drip.  I immediately assumed it was leaking from the sink drain. So I checked and it was dry.  No leaks from the drain or the supply lines.  Then I looked down on the floor and water was leaking into the bathroom between the seam of the wall and the floor.  Upon further investigation I discovered that it was leaking from the copper sink drain pipe.  So I grabbed my husband and we discussed options…quick fix? or just demo the bathroom?  We had planned on updating that bathroom next.  But right now we just didn’t want to be involved with 2 major home renovations.  We did that in NY with our old house for a very long 4-5 years.  So there we were trying to patch and hack together a quick drain fix.  


Copper sink drain pipe with a HUGE hole

We went to Lowes, picked up plumbing supplies and tried to fix the leak.  We cut out some tile underneath the vanity to get to the leaking pipe.  Eventually we had the drain patched, water on and no leaks!  Success! Victory was ours…so we thought.  We kept the faucet running just to be sure (a good 5 minutes)!  My husband went to the garage to put away his tools and I was in the kitchen grabbing us some glasses of water.  He came back into the bathroom and yelled

“We have a problem!”  

We sure did!  Water was flowing into our bathroom, through the walk-in closet and into our master bathroom.  The copper sink drain pipe had another leak that went behind the tiled shower.  So there we were thinking – what do we do now?


The walk through closet – view from the master bedroom


I’m really going to miss that pink tile :-)

The only way to repair it was to cut out the tile and demo!

So I did what any wonderful wife would do…

I ordered a dumpster that day.  We started the demolition on the bathroom over the weekend!


view looking into the walk through closet


goodbye toilet, sink, and surface mount supply line hack-job


The bathroom demo project is messy and not fun.  Have I told you how much I hate plaster?  Our house in NY was all plaster and lathe.  We removed so much plaster from that house I promised myself I would never deal with it again.  It’s messy, dusty, and heavy!  And of course here I am ripping down plaster walls and carrying our heavy garbage cans of plaster. 


Sledgehammer smashing!



The outside wall of tile was AWFUL to remove.  It was a layer of tile with at least an inch thick of plaster behind it, then chicken wire and then the concrete block.  It took a long time to remove all that lovely pink tile and plaster. Demo Melissa


That tile was the WORST to get off


The last few chunks of the pink tiled shower


What used to be the closet


The hole in the drain pipe :-(


Couples that remodel together, stay together :-)

We hope to have the rest of the bathroom gutted this week.  We need to focus on the kitchen demolition as our cabinets and appliances will be here soon.

I have been on pintrest trying to find ideas for the new master bathroom and walk-in closet.

Any ideas?

Right now I have two:

1.  Keep the layout similar but make the bathroom footprint larger.  That means keeping the 4th bedroom as a very small office.

2.  Turning the bathroom/closet/4th bedroom into one large master suite of awesomeness. (One that would make my sister-in-law Kristen jealous!)

I am open to suggestions!  Comment below on what you think we should do.