Beach House Kitchen Remodel Update

Hello!  Hello!  Hello!

I’m sure most of you have noticed I haven’t posted in a very long time.  So here is your Beach House Kitchen Remodel Update! After we did most of the demolition work we had some trips scheduled.  We spent time with the family in the Outerbanks of North Carolina and took a trip to Rincon, Puerto Rico with some of our friends.  We definitely lost some of that initial remodeling momentum.  To throw a curve ball into the mix we decided to remodel the master bathroom at the same time as the kitchen.  We found a plumbing issue that needed to be addressed.  So we just decided to gut and go for it all at once!  So over the past few months we missed out on a lot of barbecues and beach days!

Once the initial demo was completed on the kitchen we started working on all the rough plumbing and electric.  To help speed up this process you want to have your kitchen layout planned ahead of time! It is important to know the proper electrical requirements for your appliances and any plumbing requirements.  So get out the manuals, read and plan!

Make shift kitchen after the initial demo

My make shift kitchen after the initial demo

Hammer Drill Video Fun!

Since our house is made out of concrete block we used a hammer drill to make space for electrical boxes and to drill for the furring strips.  The furring strips were attached to the block so we could hang drywall on the main wall in the kitchen. 

The cooktop is going to be installed on the peninsula.  Since we wanted to have an open floor plan by taking out a wall in the kitchen we didn’t want to compromise the space with a drop down range vent.  We felt that it would be awkward and make the space feel smaller.  So instead we made our own vent!  We purchased a blower, vent, and ran the duct work to the outside of the house.  The range vent is flush to the ceiling.


Duct work in attic

IMG_0472 2

Outside vent



Do you think we have enough lights?




Looking into the living room from the kitchen

We decided to remove one section drywall in the living room so we could run new electric and speaker wire for our TV/entertainment setup.


Having fun with electric

Time for drywall!


Drywall, wine time and a Bender rear!


Check back later for your Beach House Kitchen Remodel update! Have you ever remodeled a kitchen before?