Beach house kitchen remodel planning

Today we finally finalized the plan for the kitchen!! Hooray!!!  We decided to do a complete IKEA kitchen.  Everything is going to be IKEA including cabinets, countertops, appliances, sink, faucet, and fixtures.  When we remodeled our kitchen in NY we used IKEA cabinets and were very pleased with how they turned out.  These cabinets are tough to beat for the money and are a great value.  Another reason why we went with IKEA is that they are having a kitchen sale until the end of April (they seem to do this twice a year)  so we can save a significant amount of money and put it towards other fun remodeling adventures!  Woot!  Woot!


The kitchen from my house in NY


Warning:  Once you go with all drawers in your base cabinets you can never go back.


We decided to go with the Björket birch cabinet with a white quartz counter top.  Originally we wanted to do white cabinets but the floors are a whiter terrazzo.  The birch cabinets will be a good contrast with the white floors and will not be too dark compared to some of the other IKEA cabinets.  I like very bright spaces and colors!

The Björket birch cabinets with white quartz countertops in the IKEA showroom

IKEA has a kitchen planner on their site you can use to design and price out your kitchen.  The kitchen planner software can be a little slow, so you have to be patient while planning.  The new layout of the kitchen is very similar to how it is now.  We made a few minor layout changes.  We are moving the refrigerator, cooktop, oven and adding a pantry cabinet.  The sink and dishwasher are staying in the same spot.  The wall between the existing kitchen and dining room has been removed so we could have a peninsula.

Kitchen plan 2

Kitchen plan 3

I have mixed emotions when it comes to remodeling.  Right now I am very sad that I am not going to have a functioning kitchen for a while.  I’ve lived through a very long remodel (maybe I will write about that someday) so I know what is coming. Never forget. Remodeling is coming.  Yes, remodeling can be very overwhelming but it can also be a fun learning experience!  The knowledge I have gained from doing projects like this on my own is priceless.  I enjoy the hard work that goes into making your house your home.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of my retro funk kitchen.  Enjoy and come back for more updates!


Original 1960’s cabinets and GE push button stove!

The famous GE push button stove


A nice shade of brown.