Beach house kitchen demolition

Hello!  Hello!So we are pressing on with our beach house renovation project.  The dumpster is pretty full and I now have a 1 bath, no kitchen house!  Over the weekend we started gutting the kitchen.  Once again I got to hang out with my favorite friend, Mr. Plaster.  The demo for the kitchen didn’t take us very long (1-2 hours).  It’s the cleanup that is the worst.  Carrying heavy bins full of plaster and dust floating in the air is always a thrill on a Friday night.  We worked well into the night and made some decent progress.  Check out some pictures of the kitchen demo.


Tiny spaces




Quarantine! Zombies are coming!



Goodbye old kitchen! Blank Canvas!

I am no stranger when it comes to living without a kitchen.  When I remodeled my house in NY I went almost 2 years without a kitchen.  I had a nice little setup in our laundry room and I could cook some awesome meals with a microwave, electric skillet and a George Foreman grill.

You have to get creative when you are remodeling.

Since we are not a 100% sure when we are going to be installing the kitchen cabinets we planned to setup a temporary kitchen.  We purchased a cheap laundry sink from Lowes and plan to hook that up where the old kitchen sink was.  Luckily I still had my hot plate from the last remodel and we can grill year round in Florida.  We will not go hungry!


Cooking breakfast :)

IKEA delivered our cabinets last week.  All the cabinets are sitting in the garage waiting to be assembled!  I cannot wait!  We have a lot of work to do before that can happen: framing, electric, plumbing and drywall.  The master bathroom project is going be put on hold until we get a functioning kitchen.


The kitchen is here! The kitchen is here!



So many boxes to move

Check back later for my tips on how to survive without a kitchen!  Have you ever went without a kitchen?  How did you survive?  Post your tips and experience below!